Part 2: Lifestyle – is Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindset. Our 3 Pillar Series

Living your best life does not happen instantly. Looking after your body and mind as a whole can bring remarkable benefits, so by combining a healthy way of living along with making sure you get some of the best healthy and nutritious foods available, is a holistic, rounded and desirable method of looking after your body.

This requires a change in mindset and a shift in gears which involves changes throughout your whole day-to-day lifestyle. Unfortunately, obtaining all the benefits of living more healthily and giving our body the nutrition it needs isn’t just obtained by a ‘one-off’ visit to your gym or the occasional salad.

Let’s take a look below at the short answer with some basics on how you can combine healthy living and a nutritious diet as part of your lifestyle.

How do I live a healthy and nutritious lifestyle?

  • Change your mindset
  • Use food over supplements
  • Exercise daily
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Practice gratitude and positive thinking

Ok so we’ve seen how you can start to hit your healthy lifestyle goals, but one of the most difficult aspects to conquer is how to change your mindset. Let’s look below at some new thinking on the subject.

How do I start to change my mindset?

In our modern world, the combination of both a healthy mind and body symbolizes a desirable overall lifestyle that we can ‘buy’ into at every turn. With this in mind, there are many opportunities available to start you on your way to your healthy living goals!

A healthy lifestyle is one that makes you feel really good about yourself. Learning how to change your mindset about healthy living can have a huge impact on achieving your new nutritious and healthy life.

Simply being told our old lifestyles are wrong and that we should simply swap a burger for a salad, does not reap any results. This kind of thought process makes us feel that we are worthless and can seriously inhibit any progress. According to a study by this kind of thinking just triggers our natural defense mechanism and leads our subconscious to literally reject healthy advice.

However, flipping those negative thoughts about yourself to thinking about his nutritious and healthy lifestyles can help the ones you love can have a really positive effect on you. Thinking beyond yourself or ‘self-transcendence’ can help bring the mindset shift you need to change your lifestyle.

Interestingly, the study showed that those who were involved in the research were extremely receptive to messages of health regarding loved ones and actually became more physically active in the following weeks!

Let’s look now more closely at why we need to choose healthy food over supplements to create your healthy lifestyle choices.

‘A healthy lifestyle is one that makes you feel really good about yourself’

Use food over supplements

Making sure you regularly eat beautifully organically grown nutritious fruit, vegetables and grains can significantly help you to start a healthy lifestyle regime. Making sure you include enough power-packed greens and other fresh foods into your diet can become a healthier way of life and be the best lifestyle choice you can make.

There are of course many supplements that can help you maintain your healthy lifestyle goals, such as taking a multivitamin and mineral which can provide much of your nutrition requirements but each supplement should always be looked at and evaluated in terms of added extras such as sugar and other nasties.

‘eating organically grown nutritious fruit, vegetables and grains can

significantly help you to start a nutritious and healthy lifestyle regime.‘

Some supplements have been associated with:

  • Toxicity
  • Competing with other nutrients in your body
  • Bad reactions with other medicines
  • Risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes

In short, supplements are never a substitute for a healthy diet, so if you are looking to completely overhaul your lifestyle and start to live an altogether more holistic and healthier lifestyle, make sure you include daily portions of homegrown natural fresh produce.

Exercise Daily

Exercise daily

When you are giving your whole lifestyle an overhaul and looking to change your whole perspective on your daily life and how you live, daily exercise is an important consideration.

Make sure you make sustainable changes too. For example, expecting a new regime of a two-hour long distance run every day may be a little ambitious and you will be less likely to stick to your new plan. Make reasonable small changes and as your healthier lifestyle grows, you can add other activities into your program.

Maybe join a running, rowing or another kind of club which not only will assist you in getting fitter but will also contribute to your lifestyle as a whole, by providing a new set of buddies and bring a change to your social calendar too!

Now that we’ve looked at the benefits of exercising daily and bringing your energy levels up a gear, let’s see how one of the simplest changes we can make, can be part of our overall positive and healthy lifestyle.

Get a good night’s sleep!

Getting a good night’s sleep sounds like a really simple inclusion into your healthy lifestyle, but making sure you sustain it regularly is the tricky part! Getting into good routines is the most important way of seamlessly editing healthy sleep patterns into your lifestyle.

One of the best ways of ensuring you sleep well is by starting your exercise routine.

Simply by following your healthy and nutritious lifestyle choices, good sleep hygiene will automatically follow. Limiting alcohol throughout the week, eating wholesome foods and making sure you exercise regularly will ensure you begin to sleep more soundly each night.

‘Getting into good routines is the most important way of seamlessly editing

healthy sleep patterns into your lifestyle.’

So we’ve looked above at a few ways in which you can begin to integrate healthy and nutritious options into your lifestyle, so let’s finish on how it’s important to make sure you are practicing positive thinking to compliment the hard work and energy you have put into changing your life and hitting your new healthy living targets.

Practice gratitude and positive thinking

Finally, making sure you think positively and practice gratitude daily will complement the other positive changes you are making and help you to reap the benefits of your new healthy lifestyle. Negative thoughts may hinder your progress and make you less likely to be following through with your goals and plans.

A little daily gratitude can go a long way in terms of keeping your outlook positive and following your new lifestyle.

Whilst you are actively feeling grateful for your life, it is easy to remain positive and keep your motivation alive for that evening run or swim. A healthy mind is really important to cohesively bring your healthy lifestyle around full circle.

‘A little daily gratitude can go a long way in terms of keeping your outlook positive and following your new lifestyle.’



We hope you have enjoyed this article describing some simple ways you can start to embrace a healthy new outlook and make some important changes to the way you live.

As we’ve seen above, a healthy and nutritious way of conducting your everyday life really is a lifestyle choice. Carefully combining good healthy food, regular exercise alongside practicing positive mental health exercises will help you to reach your goals to make sure you really are your best self.

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